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The Original Fortamajig


Parents' Choice Award
Parents' Choice Gold Award

Dr. Toy Award
Dr. Toy Best Products Winner

Mr. Dad Award
Mr. Dad Seal of Approval

The Original Fortamajig allows kids to build any space anywhere! This toy is based on the age-old past time of building forts and engaging kids in creative play. Imagine building a fort, teepee, tunnel, canopy - just about anything - out of one single ingenious square of material!

The Fortamajig comes in a single color/single layer version and a double layer/reversible color version. Kids can make a custom play spaces by attaching the built in stretchy loops to chair backs, stair rails, doorknobs, tree branches... you name it!

Extremely portable, with no hard pieces to break or lose, the Fortamajig is the ultimate portable, storable, washable and durable all-in-one play space! Designed for ages 3+.
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