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The Original Fortamajig, Connectables and Fun Fort!

In today’s incredibly fast-paced world, products that speak to a parent's needs as well as a child's imagination can prove invaluable, a lifesaving rescue, and rare! Designed with both the parent and child in mind, the Fortamajig line of toys offers flexibility, versatility and practicality. Based on the classic play themes of building forts and fun spaces, The Happy Kid Company's Fortamajigs are designed to be safe, soft and unbreakable.
Fun Fort
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The Fortamajig Fun Fort is an 8x8-foot square of material with built in interior and exterior loops. Very lightweight, this product is super easy and fun!
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The Original Fortamajig is an 8x8-foot square of durable material. With a built-in window and door, it's easy for kids to make custom playspaces. Learn More.

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Fortamajig Connectables comes in a pack of 8 panels that kids can easily connect to build any space they imagine. Learn More.